Moxie Falls
There are too many waterfalls in Maine to accurately count, little, small, huge, but they are all very beautiful. Take a look at the below map and you'll see info and directions to a number of them. Maine has alot of water, and with it comes the waterfalls.   Just off the dusty road leading out of the The Forks, there is a parking area, if they weren’t looking for it, the thousands of visitor hunting for Maine’s most visited an adored Moxie Falls might miss it, this writer did. At 92 ft it is mighty and attractive too, with a well cared for trail out from the road. In fact Maine boasts to many waterfalls to track, and most are in out of the way locations and many sit on private land and are hard to reach. We provide a map below. So if you go waterfall hunting in Maine be sure you have the landowner permission. Or if you are up for something a little less complicated, pack a lunch, take a drive, and spend some good time together. Plan your day right and you could take advantage of another area specialty #45 Whitewater Rafting.

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