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A Yurt is a roundlike, sometimes portable, wood lattice framed structure. Yurts were first discovered in Mongolia and in Central Asia, build by nomadic cultures. Today in Maine, you can find them and even stay in one. Typically located in or near outdoor treasures, such as forests and lakes, it a perfect place to rent for the family. Looking to stay in a Yurt near Freeport and Bradbury Mountain? Go To http://www.maineforestyurts.com They have  Eco-Friendly Maine Outdoor Adventures! Maine Forest Yurts Check out the Yurt Foundation www.yurtinfo.org for more info on Yurts. There are several locations in and around Maine where you can stay in one. Brownfield hosts Frost Mountain Yurts, these Yurts have wood stoves, bunk beds, futons, fondue kits and hammocks. But dont let these anemities fool you, these yurts host no running water or electricity, so pack in the water and cooler. The Birches Resort in Rockwood Maine, hosts Yurt to Yurt cross country ski excursion.