The Maine Professional Guides Association is composed of Registered Maine Guides who strive to enhance the standards of the guiding industry. They are professional guides dedicated to promoting a quality, ethical and legal outdoor experience for all. Not all Registered Maine Guides are members of Maine Professional Guides Association (MPGA).
A member is obligated to abide by the MPGA Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics includes but is not limited to:
  • Obey all State and Federal laws
  • Cooperate with all wildlife officials and landowners
  • Provide quality service and equipment
  • Promote conservation and education and putting safety above all else.
The Association is continually monitoring new and proposed legislation that affect the guiding industry, the fisheries, wildlife and the natural resources of the state, and other areas that have potential impact on the profession. The Association and its members strive to maintain credentials and qualifications that exceed the requirements of the law. All Registered Maine Guides have a commercial motorboat operators license and have completed at least one first aid course. They have also successfully completed a written test and an oral exam on the Maine outdoors and all applicable laws. Guides Licenses are issued for the categories of Hunting, Fishing, Recreation, Sea Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting (for rafting trips on specific rivers). A Master Guide license is held by the most experienced guides, and often covers multiple categories such as hunting, fishing and recreation. Master certification means that a person has acquired experience in a specialized classification that exceeds the minimum requirements necessary to be licensed as a guide in that classification. To become a Master Maine Guide, a guide must have been working as a guide for ten yeas, and have had at least five years professional experience in their specialized classification. It should be noted that the process of obtaining a License as a Registered Maine Guide is the most difficult in the country, which is why Maine Guides are held in such high regard.

The number one reason to use a guide is to make the most of your time! Time to spend outdoors is scarce these days. Let someone else put in the time and effort to know where you should go, provide the equipment you should use and be trained to look out for your comfort and safety. Whether you want to take a full-day fishing trip or just spend a few hours learning a new skill, your time is precious…use it wisely.

When you visit a new area just figuring out where to go can take precious time. Let a Master Maine Guide show you where to go, provide the equipment you will need, make the arrangements and add a lot of fun to your adventure.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hand, a guide will make you more successful, offer helpful suggestions, share lots of knowledge about the area and add a great deal to your outdoor experience.
Maine Professional Guides Association
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