Maine hosts to hundreds of species of birds, some are here to stay year round, others just stop by for a visit. Examples of birds found in Maine are The Chicadee (state bird), Wood Duck, Puffin, Mallard, Goshawk, Eagle, Plover, Vulture, Frigatebirds, Gulls Pelicans, Loons, Rail, Sparrow, Jay, Warbler, Robins and many many more!! Check out the below links for more info, and don't forget to look up. Maine Bird Trail Maine Audubon Bird Checklist Birding Links for Maine: Birding Festivals Christmas Bird Count Database excellent web site Birding Northern Maine Birding Maine Birding Down East Birding in Maine Maine Department of Conservation Norton Puffin Tours "The Cat" Ferry Maine Organizations: Audubon Chapters in Maine Mid Coast Audubon Society Jefferson York County Audubon Society Kennebunk The Nature Conservancy - Maine Stanton Bird Club Important Birding Locations in Maine: Hot Spots Lewiston/Auburn Hot Spots Acadia National Park Acadia Nation Park - NPS site Machias Seal Island Puffins and Machias Seal Island Rachel Carson NWR Moosehorn NWR Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary Birding Spots in Southern Maine Maine Habitats and Birding Hotspots US Fish & Wildlife Service Refuges - Maine
Pete Thayer's Favorite Hot Spots: Acadia National Park 44.15 N 68.20 W Spruce forests and rugged rocky coastline combine to make Acadia a top 100 Spot for birders. Seabirds are plentiful. You may even see a Purple Sandpiper or an Atlantic Puffin. Baxter State Park 44.06 N 67.13 W Bicknell's Thrush can be found at Mount Katahdin. Look in burned out areas for Three-toed and Black-backed Woodpeckers. This is 204,000 acres of remote birding in a land of BIG mosquitoes. Bluenose Ferry 44.06 N 67.13 W This ferry used to take 7 hours to travel from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth, NovaScotia. Now a newer ferry called The Cat makes the crossing in 2.5 hours. In September you might see Manx, Greater and Sooty Shearwater; Wilson's and Leach's Storm-Petrel; Northern Gannet as well as Red and Red-necked Phalarope. Machias Seal Island 44.59N 67.05W This is a great place to see nesting Atlantic Puffins in the summer. You must book ahead -- small boats leave from Jonesport and Cutler. Arctic Terns will dive-bomb your head, so wear a hat! Monhegan Island 43.47 N 69.22 W Small, isolated, and far offshore, Monhegan Island is famous for its picturesque beauty -- and birds! Its size and location concentrate land bird migrants and attract off-course vagrants. Late September can produce over 100 species during a long weekend.
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